Welcome to the Cryosphere Lab

As part of the Earth System Science programme at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), our research group studies the cryosphere, namely the earth’s surface where water is frozen.

We use a wide range of methods, including geophysics, geodesy, remote sensing, and deep learning. We adopt new tools, develop new algorithms, make new observations to quantify the dynamics of the cryospheric systems (see our current research on the Greenland Ice Sheet and glaciers and frozen ground).

We are looking for new PhD students (see Openings) !


March 10 2021

Manuscript on advance and runout hazard assessment of a valley glacier in Kunlun Mountains published as a discussion paper in Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences.

February 10 2021

New paper published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters revealed link between Antarctic ice mass changes with ENSO.

December 27 2020

Enze's paper on a generalized deep learning network for delineating glacial fronts from multi-sensor imagery is published in Remote Sensing of Environment!

November 23 2020

Yan's paper, trying to solve a puzzle of a group of unique landforms in East Kunlun, published in Earth Surface Processes and Landforms.

November 17 2020

Paper, published in Nature Communications, documents drastic changes of the BIG 3 of Greenland in the past 100 years.

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